Wish Ark


We want to create a better future

Wish Ark

The idea of Wish Ark


Corporate Management and
Client Support Service are in a relationship
where they demonstrate synergistic effects

Consultants with no prior experience of managing their own business may lack
understanding of the weight of management decisions. Our aim is ensure sound
integration into providing ‘true consulting services’.

Since its inception, Wish Ark has conducted research on consulting services and
quality improvement to heighten the quality of its services.

Our answer is the synergistic effect of consulting management and nurturing business.

By actively engaging in both the relationship between the management and the client,
knowledge is gained and shared in the mutual partnership.
If utilized effectively, it leads
to the provision of a highly valued service.

Consulting Business

Support Client Business Transformation

Nurturing Business

Infrastructure Support

Our History.

For a better future,
create a better society.

To create a better society,
it needs to stem from the business world
Merely good business needs to become better business.
We at WishArk continue to produce a new form of
‘better business’ across the world.
We endeavor to create a future of business together
with the client.

Our name Wish Ark denotes:
‘Wish’ for the future
‘Ark’ for hope.

The possibility of grasping for the future should be equally forwarded to all people.
We look forward to see who creates value for the future.
What we can do is to quickly reach out to grasp
the possibilities and value for the future.

Since its establishment in 2008, we have supported many clients.
As we progress forward in the future, we will endeavor to push ahead
to achieve further success and growth with our clients.

Business Contents

Consulting Business

Nurturing Business

Consulting Business

Support Client Business Transformation

The business environment is evolving at a tremendous speed due to such influences
like globalization, IT and more.
Businesseouns are demanding advanced decisions and enormous changes in an increasingly rapid cycle.
We at Wish Ark work with our clients to reform practices such as the business process and IT infrastructure.
We help identify problems, deliver solutions and promote change.
We utilize the know-how we gained through our management activities in client support services.
For our clients, we provide support that is grounded in good business practices.

Service Contents

Corporate Change Support

We support projects such as business reform and management reform strategies for client companies.
It starts with analyzing the current situation, planning and fixing the problems and
defining the future image, promoting planned preparation, executing and problem solving.
We support the project by implementing our knowledge and resources.

IT Infrastructure Construction Support

We support the infrastructure and reconstruction of the IT infrastructure in order to support the business.
Our clients are supported as a member of our company. We assist in current system analysis,
definitions of future systems, creating requests for proposals, selections of vendors plus more.
Following the conclusion of the system construction project, we continue to support the project development through and through.


Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Industry

Promoting projects for the introduction of
core business systems


Ageing of enterprise system increases the risk of maintenance, so it is urgent to implement an ERP system.

In overseas subsidiaries, support from the headquarters is required for the introduction of core system, due to lack of personnel and skill shortage.


Support planning and introduction of projects for domestic and international enterprise system from the Supprt Detail point of view.

Support progress management, task management, problem solving.


Apparel Manufacturing Industry

Business support formulation
and rehabilitation plan


Due to the shrinking domestic market, domestic a rapid deterioration of finances. and a rapid deterioration of the financial situation.

t is necessary to review domestic and overseas sales strategies.


Perform a business analysis, formulate a business revitalization plan, and negotiate with financial institutions.

After obtaining financial support from financial institutions, We begin to implement the business revitalization plan.

Rebuild sales analysis system to support new sales strategy.

Standardize and improve efficiency by automating tasks with low work efficiency.

Nurturing Business

Infrastructure Support

Venture companies and Venture businesses will help to create new value in the world.
In addition, as its own management entity, we produce new value when running a variety of businesses.
We support and assist clients tto maximize their growth and ensure the best outcome for venture business.

Service Contents

Management Foundation

When launching new businesses and venture companies for our clients,
we immediately embody the business model and ideas,
and support the creation of a foundation to turn the business into a flourishing business.
Apart from our consulting services, we contribute and participate directly with management.

Corporate Strategy

When executing corporate strategy for client companies,
we use our company's consulting and management know-how
to assist our clients to steadily promote strategies more effectively.


Agricultural Production
and Sales Business

Production and sales of specific
commercialized agricultural products


In Japan, a cultural food product has still been relatively untapped in the domestic market.
at a stage where the domestic market for the product has not been established yet.


Establish a new business start-up department.

Create and execute a new business plan.

Establish business model from farmland development to purchasing, production and sales.

Establish the new company by spin-off of its division when the sales and revenue reach projections.

Continue independent business as a separate company.


Alcohol Brewing Business

Business revitalization plan formulation and
management participation through investment


Existing markets will shrink and competition for sales with competitors will continue, and business continuity will be difficult with existing business models.

Due to an overwhelming amount of debt, the finances have reached a critical situation.


Formulate and execute a financial plan to reduce debt to create a healthier financial situation.

Formulate and execute a business plan to shift the main market of the project from the a Red Ocean Strategy to a white Ocean Strategy.

Invest funds for business revitalization from WishArk and directly participate in management practices.

Company Profile

Company Name WishArk.Co.,Ltd.
Date of Establishment April 4, 2008
CEO Masayoshi Ueda, President
Capital 3,000,000 yen
Address 4th floor 2-14-15
Minami-Horie, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, 550-0015
TEL +81 6-6319-9655
FAX +81 6-7878-3438
Business Contents ・Consulting Business
 Corporate Change Support
 IT Infrastructure Construction Support

・Nurturing Business
 Management Foundation
 Corporate Strategy

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